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Exploring ILFORD Paper: A Guide to Gold Fibre Gloss, Gold Fibre Pearl, and Gold Fibre Rag


Introduction: Ilford paper holds a prestigious place in the world of photography, renowned for its premium quality and suitability for professional printing. Among its range of offerings, the Gold Fibre series stands out for its exceptional characteristics and versatility.

1. Ilford Gold Fibre Gloss: Description:

 The Gold Fibre Gloss paper boasts a composition of 100% cotton with no OBA's, offering a semi-gloss finish and subtle texture. It is the go-to choice for exhibitions, including those at Leica galleries worldwide, earning it the moniker "digital darkroom paper." Usage: Its texture and baryta-like finish make it ideal for showcasing photographs in exhibitions, ensuring stunning visual impact and durability. Benefits: The Gold Fibre Gloss paper's subtle texture and premium quality elevate any print, guaranteeing exceptional results for professional photographers and exhibitors alike.

2. Ilford Gold Fibre Pearl: Description: 

Crafted from alpha cellulose without OBA's, the Gold Fibre Pearl paper features a semi-gloss surface with slightly more texture than its gloss counterpart. Weighing in at 290gsm, it stands as a true baryta medium. Usage: With its true baryta medium characteristics, this paper is the perfect choice for photographers seeking to add depth and richness to their prints. Benefits: Its texture, weight, and baryta-like qualities make the Gold Fibre Pearl paper a preferred option for those who demand nothing but the best for their photographic creations.

3. Ilford Gold Fibre Rag: Description: 

Composed of alpha cellulose with OBA's, the Gold Fibre Rag paper boasts a brighter white base and slightly enhanced contrast. With a weight of 270gsm, it offers baryta-like qualities. Usage: The Gold Fibre Rag paper shines in scenarios where a brighter white base and increased contrast are desired, making it a versatile option for various printing needs. Benefits: Its enhanced contrast, brightness, and baryta-like properties make the Gold Fibre Rag paper a standout choice for photographers seeking to make their images truly pop.

Conclusion: Ilford's Gold Fibre series represents the pinnacle of photographic paper, offering a range of options to suit every printing need. Whether you're exhibiting your work in prestigious galleries or printing cherished memories for display, these papers guarantee exceptional quality and breathtaking results. Explore the Gold Fibre collection today and elevate your photography to new heights.

Feel free to visit ILFORD website for any information needed.


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