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Welcome to the Hub at DG PRINT LAB! Here you will find diverse portfolios from local, talented
artists. Dive into the Hub and become inspired by the various styles and techniques displayed
by these artists! More than just a print lab, the Hub at DG PRINT LAB provides a new way to
connect with your community.

Dan Eshelman

Dan Eshleman is a film photographer based out of Philadelphia who specializes in color street
photography. Eshleman believes in being outside in the world as much as possible in order to
embrace mundane day–to–day interactions. Dan has photographed in several countries
throughout Europe and plans to travel to over 100 countries in his lifetime. Eshleman's work can
be seen in Jenkem magazine, standard issue look-books, and in his own personal zine series.

Dan Eshelman
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Sample photo TM

Tony McClenton is a Philadelphia-based photographer who also works in mental health to help
support families in the area. McClenton enjoys both digital and film photography, particularly
35mm and medium format. His passion for travel has led him to focus on capturing the essence
of cultures worldwide and candid moments that reflect diverse human experiences. Whether in
Philly or abroad, McClenton's camera is ready to preserve meaningful moments of friends,
family, and new acquaintances alike.

Tony McClenton
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Henry Blosfelds is a street photographer who originally hails from South Jersey and is now
based out of Philadelphia. Blosfeld’s time spent living with PAFA painters has inspired him to
capture the hidden worlds tucked away in the corners of Philadelphia's frantic urban expansion
in a more painterly fashion with a touch of child-like humor. He explores the relationship between the forms and shapes that are a result to these mystical, in-between spaces where the bizarre meets aesthetic– think crumbling murals of the Virgin Mary, anthropomorphic mops, or a cluster of succulents filling a window. Blosfeld captures these moments which serve as reminders that our world is a mystery beyond explanation.

Henry Blosfelds
eric dejesus online photo

Eric Dejesus is a photographer with a simple goal: to capture beautiful moments of people amidst chaos. Whether walking through the streets, experiencing different cultures, or enjoying quality family time, Eric believes there is always a photo waiting to be taken. Time is always changing, light is always moving, and no picture can ever be the same. Eric's love for photography began in high school, however, he didn’t pick up a real SLR until 2015 before a solo trip to Japan. During those two weeks Eric hardly put his camera down. Each time Eric is out photographing in the streets, he learns more about himself, humanity, and how to interact better with the world.

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